Ana was born in Lisbon in 1963. She graduated in Architecture from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa in 1987. In the next few years, Ana worked on several building projects and taught architectural project at Universidade Lusíada in Lisbon. Between 1991 and 1994, Ana lived in Fontainebleau and, in 1996, moved to Los Angeles, where she lived for ten years. She now lives in Cascais, Portugal. In the last few years, besides working in architecture, Ana has been painting and taking photos.

Ana´s photos capture details of the urban landscape that, when blown up, become almost abstract. These images are digitally printed on the canvas and are the starting point for the paintings.

In each canvas, there is an image. A story to be told. There is a game of contrasts between the photographic image, the rigor of geometric shapes, the freedom of the brush stroke, and also the tension that arises from the choice of colors and materials. These contrasts create dynamics while still preserving the structural equilibrium of the composition.

The works on paper again start from photos. They are developed from collages, photographed, and finally printed digitally on paper. The stories here are told at different scales but with the same rules of composition of the paintings.


Ana´s works evoke good memories of places lived and loved. Each work looks at a place and a time in the past, a pleasant memory that is captured forever.